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Terms and Conditions


Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of information on this website.

Changes may occur and errors may arise in the production and electronic transfer of material, for which Meldan Reproductions Ltd. cannot accept  responsibility.


The copyright of all the content of this website belongs to Meldan Reproductions Ltd.

We are an independent company providing a specialist service.

These websites are owned and operated by Meldan Reproductions Ltd. (Also trading as Meldan Crystal Lighting)

Meldan Reproductions Ltd is a VAT registered Company.
VAT No. 792 5383 93


The Buyer's purchase of our products represents acceptance of these Terms and Conditions of sale.


All stock and prices are listed in UK Pounds Sterling.

Postage is quoted at source. There are no hidden extras.

All prices are determined on the date the order is placed and are subject to the current price list.

Meldan Reproductions Ltd reserves the right to amend the prices owing to any increased costs incurred, or for any reason beyond the Company's control.


Orders of goods are accepted by Meldan Reproductions Ltd providing that the goods ordered are available from the Company or any of its suppliers within a reasonable time.

All orders become legally effective on receipt of payment.

At the time of ordering a provisional supply date will be given. This date is liable to change when it is dependant on circumstances outside the Company's control - i e: an order not being immediately available or the Company's suppliers being unable to deliver at a pre-agreed time.

In this event, the Customer will be notified at the earliest opportunity.

All orders will be confirmed by Meldan Reproductions Ltd.

Order cancellations will only be accepted by Meldan Reproductions Ltd if it is confirmed in writing.

Cancellation will be on the terms specified by Meldan Reproductions Ltd, who reserves the right to claim any costs it has incurred.

Meldan Reproductions Ltd reserves the right to cancel and full or part orders as a result of being unable to complete the contract due to reasons beyond its control.


Full payment is strictly with order unless otherwise specified. (e.g. Deposit)

Meldan Reproductions Ltd reserves the right to withhold delivery of any order where there are bona fide doubts regarding the financial standing of the Buyer, or if the buyer has failed to comply with the payment terms.

Payment by Cash/Cheque or Postal Order (For cheque clearance - Allow 5 days): Full payment, including postage to:
Meldan Reproductions Ltd., 37 Howard Road, Sompting, Lancing, West Sussex. BN15 0LW. United Kingdom.

All goods supplied will remain the property of Meldan Reproductions Ltd until full payment is received.

In accordance with the Data Protection Act 1984, we do not supply any of your details to a third party.

None of the above affects your statutory rights.


A delivery date is approximate and is subject to availability.

We will notify you immediately via email of any delay.

The Buyer is responsible for the safe keeping of the goods from such time as they take delivery of them.

The Buyer will be responsible for insuring the goods from the time of delivery i.e. when the goods arrive at their premises.


Meldan Reproductions Ltd liability is limited to damage affecting the goods only.

All damages of missing goods must be notified to Meldan Reproductions Ltd via email or in writing within 5 days of receipt of the order.

No goods should be returned without authorisation from Meldan Reproductions Ltd.


Any returned products will be exchanged or refunded provided it has not been damaged by the Buyer, it is securely packed, returned in its original packaging, and remains undamaged upon receipt by Meldan Reproductions Ltd.

All return postage, insurance and handling costs must be met by the Buyer. All returned products should be sent certified and insured as Meldan Reproductions Ltd cannot be held liable for loss, theft or damage occurring during transport.

Orders may be cancelled within 7 days of receipt. Refunds will be made within 30 days of cancellation, providing the above conditions have been met.

Unauthorised modification or misuse, non- compliance with instructions or information supplied will fully discharge Meldan Reproductions Ltd from liability for any damage.


Catalogues and other forms of advertising are not guaranteed to be accurate, but are intended to represent a general picture of Meldan Reproductions Ltd products.

Meldan Reproductions Ltd reserves the right to amend any specification when it is deemed necessary to do so.

Meldan Reproductions Ltd reserves the right to correct any clerical or typographical error made by its employees.


The goods are warranted against defects in materials, workmanship and damage. The Buyer will inspect all deliveries on receipt. Where a material defect or damage is found, the Buyer must notify Meldan Reproductions Ltd via email or in writing within 5 days of receipt of goods detailing the description of the defect/damage. Any later claim will only be considered by Meldan Reproductions Ltd if the delay is beyond the Buyer’s control. Otherwise delivery is considered approved.

Meldan Reproductions Ltd will replace defective goods with non-defective goods.

A period of 1 year from the date of delivery will be granted in case of latent defects, which could reasonably be detected within such a period.

All warranty claims must be made by registered letter to Meldan Reproductions Ltd upon the immediate discovery of the defect.

The goods may only be returned with prior approval and in accordance with instructions of Meldan Reproductions Ltd.

This warranty is exclusive and no other warranty whether written or oral is expressed or implied.


Meldan Reproduction Ltd liability is limited to damage affecting the goods only. Meldan Reproductions Ltd will not be liable for any consequential losses of any type howsoever incurred due to the product becoming faulty.

Meldan Reproductions Ltd shall not be liable for any other damages howsoever caused except where liability is enforced by UK law in cases of negligence. The burden of proof is with the Buyer.

The foregoing shall not apply in the event that any product supplied by Meldan Reproductions Ltd hereunder is determined by a court of competent jurisdiction to be defective and have caused bodily injury or damage to the property of the Buyer.

Unauthorised modification or misuse, non-compliance with instructions or information provided, or any use outside environmental specifications will fully discharge Meldan Reproductions Ltd from liability for any damage.


Complaints will be dealt with promptly and in accordance with UK law.

To register a complaint - email: or
by post to: Meldan Reproductions Ltd, 37, Howard Road, Sompting, Lancing, West Sussex. BN15 0LW


Meldan Reproductions Ltd is committed to protecting your privacy.

Meldan Reproductions Ltd use the information collected about you lawfully and in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

Meldan Reproductions Ltd will not email you again unless you have given consent.

Meldan Reproductions Ltd will not pass on your email address to other trusted traders unless by agreement. This will include situations where delivery is arranged through a third party.

The information we collect about you is:
Your name, address, telephone number and email address.

Meldan Reproductions Ltd will never collect sensitive information without explicit consent.

Information we retain can be checked by emailing us. If there are any inaccuracies, we will delete or correct them promptly.

The personal information held by Meldan Reproductions Ltd will be held securely and in accordance with the UK law.

Meldan Reproductions Ltd may use technology to track the patterns of behaviour of visitors of our site. This can include using a "cookie" which would be stored in your browser. You can usually modify your browser to prevent this happening. The information collected in this way can be used to identify you unless you modify your browser settings.

Telephone: 01903 750661